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Affordable PPC Services

Our Afordable PPC Services

Our affordable paid search marketing solution help you to achieve best possible return on your paid search marketing investment. We work on No Result No Charge basis which means you don't have to pay our monthly account management fee if you are not satisfied with your Pay Per Click(PPC) advertising campaign's result.

PPC Account set up
  • Small Account (up to 3 different product/services categories):150.00
  • Medium Account (up to 6 different product/services categories):220.00
  • Big Account (up to 3 campaigns and up to 15 ad groups): 300.00
PPC Account Management
  • Small Account £150.00/Month
  • Medium Account 300.00/Month
  • Big Account: 500.00/Month
PPC Account audit
  • Small account ( up to 300 Keywords): 80.00
  • Medium account (up to 600 Keywords): 120.00
  • Big Account (above 600 keywords): 150.00

How We DO

Below listed diagram shows the way we set up and manage every PPC campaign

PPC Management services from SEMExpert.co.uk

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If you would like us to help you to set up and manage PPC campaign at lower cost, please contact us now:

Email: info@semexpert.co.uk